Jani Virolainen



Peter Bo Bohsen


Peter Bo Bohsen er en aktiv og begeistret speider. Han har vært speiderleder i Danmark i mange år, og er nå ansatt i Trans-Europeisk Divisjon med ansvar for speiderarbeidet. Han har vært en inspirasjon for mange – han tenker stort, han tenker kreativt og han tenker praktisk. Han kommer med praktiske ideer som lett kan gjennomføres i enhver speidertropp.

Zlatko Musija


Zlatko Musija is the member of Youth Ministry team for the Trans-European Division of Seventh-Day Adventists. Zlatko grew up in Croatia where he served as a pastor, teacher, youth director and president. He enjoys opening the Bible with youth and others, inspiring and equipping all to live a transformed life of mission and service. His passion is to help all generations in the Church grow and thrive, encouraged and supported by each other. Zlatko is husband and father of three, and loves spending time in nature – hiking and beholding the beauty of the created world.

Parabole Productions


Parabolē Productions is a theatre company based in Reading, UK. We have been producing and performing original drama for the past 8 years. Our name, Parabolē, is the Greek word for parables and really captures the essence of our ministry; using life stories to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to our 21st century. 

We try to connect with people who are not that interested in coming to a regular church service, providing them with a way to receive the good news of the gospel but in a format that suits them, something they can relate to. Ultimately, we try to show through our productions that the bible is still relevant and still has answers to modern day questions. 

The team is made up of myself, Derek, writer/director and my wife Lydia who is producer/stage manager/marketing manager and a whole lot of other things in between! We also bring on others depending on the size of the project which can be anything from a two person sketch to a full theatre musical production with a live band. 

We are really excited to be coming to Norway and hope to share with you what we have learnt on our drama journey. We are bringing a small team with us and as well as performing a number of sketches throughout the weekend those who attend our workshop will learn how to develop an idea and turn it into a story; get an acting crash course; receive guidance on how to put on a larger production (casting, producing, marketing etc); and learn some of the Do’s and Don’t’s of Christian drama. This will include a practical hands on session so come prepared to have some fun!  


8.-10. november 2019

SABU Lederkonferanse


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